Our Projects

Decorative Concrete Backyard Patio

This project was created as an outdoor living space.  The home originally had a small 10’x12′ concrete patio in the backyard.  We designed an outdoor living space that could allow for entertainment.  The small concrete patio was removed along with several yards of topsoil and lawn.  4″ of crushed rock was brought in using a conveyor truck and compacted for a solid sub grade. 3/8″ diameter rebar was installed on a 2′ grid pattern to keep the concrete reinforced if cracking occurred.  Colored concrete was poured using a concrete pump and was finished with a stamped slate pattern.

We then built a 2-tiered outdoor style table with concrete countertops.  It is large enough to seat 6 people using the upper portion.  The lower portion of the table was built with a charcoal grill set into the concrete countertop.  Underneath the table serves as storage for firepit wood and charcoal briquets.