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We finished this new driveway. It took us two separate pours to get it completed. It turned out to be a typical spring time battle, playing the weather game. I flipped back and forth, should we pour, should we cancel and reschedule? We ended up dodging all of the rain showers.
We were scheduled to pour mid morning in both days, but both days showed a 30% chance of showers in the late afternoon. We decided to push forward and pour on both days. Our plan was to accelerate the curing process of the concrete so if the rain did start, the concrete would be cured enough that the rain would not damage the finished surface.

From my experience, we had two options to achieve the goal: add hot water and an accelerator, or change the cement content from a 3,000 pound mix design to a 4,000 pound mix design.
We ended up adjusting the concrete to a 4,000 pound mix design. This allowed us to finish the concrete a couple hours quicker than the standard 3,000 pound mix design. Our customer also got a stronger driveway in the end as well.

We cut in a 12” boarder around the perimeter of the driveway. We then used a concrete saw to cut all the expansion control joints. It turned out really clean!