Our Projects

Decorative Concrete Front Porch & Walkway

  • Concrete
  • Millersburg, OR
  • September 27, 2017

For this project, we were given the opportunity to design and create the remodel of this front porch entry and walkway.  We removed the flagstone walkway and part of the wooden deck.  The sub grade was then built up so that the new concrete would be at the correct height.  We used forming material that would allow us to create the bends and curves that we had designed.  A form liner was fastened to the concrete forms to create the cantilever effect on the face of each step.  Once the forms were complete, an electrician installed conduit and electrical boxes for the LED step lights.  Concrete was then pumped into the forms in two separate pours using different colors for each pour.

Concrete border color: Cobblestone (Davis Color Chart)

Concrete inside border color: Outback (Davis Color Chart)

Secondary color for both pours: Deep Charcoal Antiquing Release

Thank you so much for our beautiful new walkway, porch and amazing steps! We couldn’t be happier with the end result.

Lisa T.